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As a registered person, you can reclaim from HMRC as much of the VAT on your purchases and imports, as relates to the standard-rated, reduced-rated and zero-rated supplies you make. In principle, you cannot reclaim VAT which relates to any non-business activity or to any exempt supplies you make. THIS IS HIGHLY RECOMMENDED FREE MOBILE BALANCE APP, especially for Android mobile phones. You need to install this app with the following steps, and you will get Rs.5 for sign up. Here you need to watch the ads while unlocking your screen lock for just 1 sec. Moreover, you will get 5 paise for each slide to unlock & it will be instantly credited in your Slide wallet.

For more information on zero rating of supplies of goods for export or to VAT-registered persons in EU member states from Northern Ireland see Goods exported from the UK and The single market . In commercial terms, the transaction you arrange as an agent remains between your principal and the third party involved. But, you should note that these rules apply to supplies of goods and services. HMRC will ordinarily make repayments of VAT direct to your UK bank account or building society. So you need to give your account details to HMRC — even if you’ve already set up a direct debit for VAT Returns. To add or change them, go to the registration details in your VAT online account.

But, in some areas, there’s a final tax point when the work is completed. For more information about the tax point rules as they apply to the construction industry see Buildings and construction . If you decide to do this, you do not have to account for tax on any payment until the date on which it is due, or date you receive it, whichever happens first. For more information about supplies of services see Place of supply of services . There are special rules for accounting for VAT on the private use of road fuel. If you refund the payment, then you can reclaim any VAT you have accounted for in your next return. A gift of goods is normally a taxable supply and VAT is due on the cost of the goods.

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The tax point for the payment of retention money is the date when you either issue a VAT invoice or receive any payment, whichever happens first. Where you’re making continuous supplies of goods or services to a connected person, and the recipient is unable to fully recover the VAT on the supply, the legislation creates an annual tax point where one has not already occurred. If your supplies fall within the Tour Operators Margin Scheme, you must follow the rules for that scheme, even if these conflict with the tax point rules set out in this section. For more information see Tour operators margin scheme (VAT Notice 709/5). It explains the rules for working out the time when a supply of goods or services is treated as taking place. Businesses can choose any apportionment method that suits their individual circumstances providing the method chosen produces a fair and reasonable result.

This section deals with the VAT treatment of international supplies of goods or services made through UK undisclosed agents. It also gives information on the option which allows UK undisclosed agents involved in domestic supplies to use this VAT treatment. The liability of the supply of your own services to your principal will not always be the same as the liability of the supply between your principal and the third parties. On the other hand, some people who normally trade as principals, such as solicitors and architects, may occasionally arrange supplies as agents for their clients.

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As an auctioneer, if you issue an invoice for the goods in your own name, then the goods are treated as supplied to you by the vendor and from you to the buyer. This means you’re liable to account for VAT on the supply of the goods, as well as on the commission you charge the seller and, if applicable, on the fee charged to the buyer, sometimes referred to as buyer’s premium. The consultant cannot treat the air fare as a disbursement for VAT purposes.

7 Movement of goods between Great Britain and Northern Ireland

For general information about how to pay VAT to HMRC see paragraph 21.3. Remember — do fill in clearly in ink all the boxes where you’re asked to give information, writing ‘none’ where necessary — do not write anything else on your return, or send any correspondence with your return. If for any reason, you have a minus figure to enter in box 1 or box 2, or the figure to be entered in box 4 represents an amount due to HMRC instead of an amount to be reclaimed, then you must insert a minus sign before that figure. You can get help on completing your VAT Return see the VAT Returns guide. For more information see How to fill in and submit your VAT Return (VAT Notice 700/12), which contains a checklist to help you check that your return is complete and correct.

9 Continuous supplies of goods and services

If you know that you’ll be unable to make an accurate return, you should tell HMRC by writing to the VAT Written Enquiries Team as soon as possible. Your letter should ask for HMRC’s agreement to the submission of estimated figures for the return in question and set out when you intend to correct this. If HMRC considers that you have a good reason, you may, exceptionally, be allowed to estimate your input tax or output tax, or both.